Dedicated to twin screw extruder/single screw extruder/food production line
  • 综合实力
  • 产品质量
  • 专业团队
  • 无忧服务

WHY CHOOSE US? Let you enjoy more peace of mind, worry-free, considerate products and services

  • Comprehensive Strength/ experience
    We have strict quality control in terms of production, sales, and after-sales service, as we are manufacturer. Our quality is honest and reliable.
  • Product Quality/ quality
    Our company adheres to the principle of valuing quality, integrity, service, and adhering to the principles of wholehearted attitude, good reputation, excellent quality, and perfect service
  • Professional Team/ team
    We have experienced management personnel, excellent engineers, and well-trained technical workers to provide professional design and practical solutions for process requirements, and continuously develop and develop new products and production capabilities
  • Worry free Service/ service
    After sales service team, pre-sales service personnel. Adhering to rewarding users with high-quality products, we have won their favor and praise
  • Comprehensive Strength
  • Product Quality
  • Professional Team
  • Worry free Service
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About Focus on twin screw extruder, single screw extruder
Huaxin Shengda is a manufacturer of better quality extrusion technology for food industries, pet food industries, fish feed industries. We have well-experienced managers, outstanding engineers and well-trained technical workers providing specialist designs and practical solutions for a wide range of process needs.
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